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learn how to be the CEO of your social media

Social media overwhelm? Never heard of her.

Just kidding...I have. But you don't have to when you complete the 

Serving on Social System course!

Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.
Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.
Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.

hey there. which one sounds like you?

This is me!

"I don't have time to
learn social media."

The Busy CEO

"Keeping up with social
media is overwhelming."

often overwhelmed

"I don't know
where to start."

a little


"I can't/won't
dance on TikTok."

I have boundaries

Definitely me!

"Social media just 
hasn't worked for me.

about to
give up

*slowly raises hand*

"I don't understand
the algorithm."


You can 100% shine on social media with zero background in marketing.

No need to pull out the Ranchos Los Amigos on me, I'm fully alert, oriented, and SERIOUS!

As a clinician turned social media manager who has grown healthcare brands time and time again, I'm speaking from experience. 

I've taken (and continue to take) the digital marketing courses. I've applied, adapted, and amplified that knowledge. 

And I've laid out everything I know inside a simple course just for clinicians like you.



here's the tea on the

Serving on Social System

The Serving on social system has entered the chat.

Serving on Social System is the step-by-step guide to social media marketing for clinicians and business owners in the healthcare industry. 


In just four modules, you’ll get the clarity and strategy you need to see faster growth and business transformation without the confusion, frustration, overwhelm, and wasted time. 


Don't worry, TikTok dances and ASMR videos aren’t required.

Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.

Before you have your social media glow up, you have to start with the basic setup - and this module will show you how to get started.


You’ll learn things like…

  • Choosing the right platform

  • What an avatar is?

  • How to build an avatar

  • Branding for beginners

  • Crafting a bio that attracts

module 1:


Now that you’re set-up, it’s time to plan your content, engagement, and hashtag strategies! Don't worry - I'm here to provide max assist on this 😉


Get ready to plan things like..

  • Content Strategy that Converts

  • Engagement Strategy that Builds Community

  • Hashtag Strategy that Attracts

  • How to Plan for a Social Media Break (coming soon)

  • How to Use Collaborations and Giveaways to Grow (coming soon)

  • How to Use IG Lives to Grow (coming soon)

module 2:


You might want to put your scrubs on, because this is where we really get to WERK!!


Work your way through modules like…

  • Let's Have a Cup of Copy with Guest Speaker, Lauren Hermann

  • Tools of the Trade

  • Create with Canva

  • Connecting Through Stories

  • Getting to the Tip Top of TikTok with Guest Speaker, Amanda Weissberg

  • Photography and Filming Basics

  • The Struggle is (NOT) Reels

  • Creating Carousels

  • Captivating Captions

  • Digital Bedside Manners: How to Craft Empathetic Social Media  

  • Serve Through Storytelling (coming soon!)

module 3:


YOU DID IT! But just like you do for your clients, it’s time to reassess and modify your approach as necessary for even better outcomes.

You’ll be doing things like…

  • Finding your social media insights

  • Interpreting the numbers

  • Using insights to shape your content plan

module 4:


What you'll learn...

You didn't think this was *just* a course, did you?

but get bonuses!

Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.
  • Reels & TikTok Guide including +20 Hooks you can plug and play


  • Content checklist to ensure your creation hits all the marks!

  • An exclusive Facebook community where we drop the latest social media tips, trends, and ideas

  • Prompts for your first 10+ posts

  • 20 customizable graphic templates that can be used hundreds of times!

  • ALL NEW content added to the course for the entirety of its existence AND an invitation to LIVE recordings of new content when offered.


This course is for you if... 

You want your ideal clients to discover, know, like, and trust you - and you know that digital marketing is the fastest way to get there.

You don’t have the extra cash to hire someone else to do all of your social media for you (someone who GETS your industry)

You want a simple step-by-step plan to launch and grow your social media presence in the healthcare space

Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.

Hi! If we haven't met before, I'm Sarah. I'm an SLP, Social Media Strategist, owner of a social media marketing agency for the healthcare industry, and a published author. 


Basically, communication is my speciality.


But putting your business on social media blast (for all the right reasons) is my jam.

Since starting Social Moguls, I've helped private practice owners and online business CEOs attract a lager audience, build trust, and scale their business.

Word has gotten out, and within a year of starting my business I've grown my team from a party of 1 to a family of 8. 

As a clinician who has served the entire lifespan, I know your audience. I get your language. I understand your limited time.

As a successful CEO of social media marketing agency, I know how to help you shine online.

And as a human who is passionate about what I do, I tend to overdeliver. 


Together, we can create a ripple effect that impacts communities in the best damn way possible.

Let's get you discovered.

why should you trust me to teach you social media?

Happy Customers

What they’re saying

"I am SO impressed with the amount of detailed information within the Serving on Social System. I was so overwhelmed and I felt lost each time I had to sit down and come up with content. Learning new strategies, tips, tricks and having one on one coaching from Sarah was absolutely the BEST! Now I feel like I understand and can manage my SLP business's social media accounts with a clear plan and the tools to carry it out! Highly impressed!!"

Danni Welch 
Founder + CEO | Therapists in Motion

"I truly can’t say enough about Sarah Breshears and the services she offers through Social Moguls coaching and her course (Serving on Social). Sarah's background as an SLP was invaluable to me. Her self-paced course is well-laid out, with tangible examples and resources you can use immediately. I learned so much from coaching and from her course. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with her!"Thank you for everything, Sarah!"

Martha Horrocks

Founder + CEO | Martha Speech

"It is absolutely invaluable to have a fellow SLP as the person who is guiding you through learning and maximizing your presence on social media.   The most impactful thing was learning how to become more comfortable using social media to promote my private practice. Before the course, I was not completely comfortable using social media and didn't really understand how it worked. Now, I ABSOLUTELY do!  Thank you for everything, Sarah!"

Ali Moulton

Founder + CEO | Moulton Speech

"I am always on social media for personal reasons but I really had no experience using social media for a business and didn't know where to start. I feel more confident after Serving on Social System! I feel way better about making Reels. I had never made one before and watching Sarah make them was extremely helpful!"

Dani Kaplan

Founder + CEO | My Way With Words

"Serving on Social Systems boosted my confidence in posting pertinent, effective IG posts that will increase my reach and help me scale my business. The information was easy to understand and implement. I feel like it jump started my growth which had started to stagnate. Absolutely worth the investment of time and money!"


Kim Lewis

Founder + CEO Activity Tailor


"Sarah's course increased my confidence with social media marketing tremendously. I really had no idea what I was doing, and now I know how to create posts aligned with my client's interests, phrase of business and content pillars. I'm grateful for Sarah's personal touch on the process, too."

Kathleen Love

Founder + CEO | Rain City Reading

Serving on social system

  • Access to ALL course content, both past and future, for as long as the course exists

  • Immediate access to ALL bonuses (see the long list above)

  • Step-by-step workbook to guide your social media growth

  • Email support throughout your unique social media journey

  • Optional group and 1:1 coaching at a massive discount

  • Optional payment plan to help you get started ASAP, no matter your budget

serving on social system group coaching calls

  • 4 Live Calls to get the answers to your questions for your unique brand

  • Opportunity for hot seat coaching

  • Receive trending Reels ideas specifically for your niche each week

  • Access to the Serving on Social System Community

  • Create a Reel alongside Sarah during each call with step-by-step instruction to help you master the platform

  • Optional payment plan to help you get started ASAP, no matter your budget

Choose Your Adventure

Get The Best Deal, No Matter Your Timeline

Hey new friend! No worries, you're more than welcome here. I'm an SLP and most of my clients are too, but the the theory and application of material can be used for any industry. I'll tailor examples for you and make sure your unique needs are met.

What if i'm not an slp?

You'll have access to the course content for the life of the course. As long as Serving on Social exists, you're a VIP, babe.

How long do i have to complete the course?

No sweat! Serving on Social System teaches you how to use social media strategically, and for many people that means to sell a product or book clients. For some people, it means to spread awareness, advocate for a cause, or simply grow your personal brand. You never know where social media will take you and what opportunities it will present.

What if i don't currently have a product?

After the enrollment period closes, the group will be polled to find a time that works for all participants. In past cohorts, our calls have been in the evenings. However, this is subject to change once all cohort members vote. I know you're working and living your life so I keep it as convenient as possible.

When are the group coaching calls?

Heck yes! You're welcome to join us for each cohort your heart desires. 

Can I join more than one cohort of group coaching calls? 

We have an agenda of topics that are the primary topic of discussion during the call so you'll know what to expect, however, we work around your needs. You'll have the opportunity to submit questions and request demos before the calls. At the end of each call, I share my phone screen and walk you through how to make reels step-by-step! (These calls are my favorite way to connect with you and get to know your business).

How do the group coaching calls work?

Frequently asked questions


If you're over the overwhelm and done with the distractions, let's do this! What the heck are you waiting for? We're about to change your life!


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