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Work with a team of clinicians who get your business.

You handle the healthcare. We handle the hype.

Kick-Ass Social Media for Healthcare Brands

Kick up your crocks (no judgment) and let us do all the social media work for you! Posting? Captioning? Tagging? Engaging? That's OUR plan of care! You handle the healthcare, we'll handle the hype.

done for you

Not ready to fully invest in our white glove done for you service? Consider this the happy medium! Sign up for 1:1 coaching with me. I'll guide you in the social media plan of care, you execute the strategy.

done with you

Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.

Join a cohort of healthcare business owners and learn all of the social media dos and don'ts inside my self-paced course: The Serving on Socials System. This course will teach you the evidence-based strategies and best practice for running your social media like a pro!

BONUS: Get lifetime access to our private community of healthcare business owners for ongoing support & inspiration 🙌

do it yourself

Does the thought of social media give you tachycardia?

Social Moguls is a social media marketing agency created by an SLP for SLPs and other medical brands. 

As an SLP, my job is to help my patients be heard.

As a social media strategist, the same goes for my clients.

Social Moguls amplifies your message and accelerates your brand in a way that only an SLP can...

All while giving you your time back so you can return to the business you love (without the tachycardia)

As an SLP myself, I GET  the frustration when you realize the rest of the world at large has *no* idea what the heck we do...

My mission is to change that by amplifying other healthcare brands to reach more clients, touch more lives, and inform more individuals all across the world about just how incredible our work really is.

Let's elevate healthcare businesses together... starting with your brand.

Numbers will increase not just in Instagram followers, but in referrals, clients, and impact.


People will notice you, bringing you new connections and opportunities to talk about your business.


You'll have more of it, allowing you to get back to the clients you serve and the business you love.


WARNING: Known side effects of working with Social Moguls include...

Your social media Solutions

Done-For-You Management

With our DFY management packages, we take the overwhelm and stress out of showing up on socials. We take the wheel and you provide the navigation. Your socials will shine and you'll get your time back to run your business!

Done With You One-On-One Coaching

With our 1:1 Coaching packages, we teach you to amplify your brand voice and accelerate your growth on social media. You'll be a social pro in no time. 

Social media management, coaching, and courses for healthcare businesses.

DIY: Serving On Social System

The Serving on Social System is the course for you if you want to learn how to do things yourself, and do it WELL. You'll get lifetime access to each learning module, individualized feedback during our group calls, and brand new business besties from your cohort!

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. 

"I was very anti-taking video selfies and posting them online and I knew I needed someone to give me a gentle push and the tools to get outside of comfort zone in order to successfully build an audience and establish trust to monetize my new business. If you are hesitant about putting yourself out on social media as a new business owner, I would strongly recommend this course!"

Marcia Church, Pediatric Speech Stars

"I am always on social media for personal reasons but I really had no experience using social media for a business and didn't know where to start. I feel more confident after Serving on Social System! I feel way better about making Reels. I had never made one before and watching Sarah make them was extremely helpful!"

Dani Kaplan, My Way with words

"The content plan was amazing! I was able to create content for the entire MONTH for one account and two weeks for my other accounts in one sitting! It felt so easy and clear having the plan from Social Moguls. I'm excited to have
CONSISTENT content!"

Alexandria Wynter Russell, Wynter Wellness Group

Our Clients

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